Why You Need a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

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I’m sure you’ve heard of disaster management. It outlines what one must do in the event of a disaster and the steps to recover from it. Well, losing your data can pretty much be called a disaster. It often leads to major crisis and even a complete shutdown of a business. If you don’t believe that data loss can be a serious issue, read this article about the impact of data loss.

So now that you know about the impact data loss can have on your business, let’s talk about why you need a comprehensive and effective data backup and recovery plan. You’ve lost your data. What do you do next? If you don’t have a plan to deal with such an issue, you could end up causing more damage than what already exists. High response times due to a lack of planning can often bring irreversible consequences.

Let’s understand in detail why a data backup and recovery plan is essential.

Scope of Attack

It is easy to feel, wrongly so, that your business or data is safe. Small business owners are especially prone to this thinking and can often suffer due to the same. You must understand, all data is a target. Whether that data comes from a multinational organization or small family business, no one is safe from a data breach.

Not All Data Holds the Same Value

All data is important, but some data is irreplaceable. Without a recovery plan, chances are, you could lose a lot data. Some of the data may be of high importance. You are risking this data without having a recovery plan.


Imagine telling your clients or the entire world about a data loss? An event such as this can significantly affect the trust various stakeholders have in your business. Trust once lost can often be impossible to regain especially in the current scenario and the number of substitutes available to consumers.

Ease of Data Loss

Data loss can happen in a variety of ways. People often assume that data loss only happens due to some major cyber-attack. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Data loss most often happens due to basic human errors and hardware issues, both things really hard to prepare for. Having a plan for recovery helps mitigate the effects of these events.


Downtime for a business can be disastrous. If you don’t have a recovery plan in place beforehand, your downtime will be that much higher while firefighting. This could mean losing potential customers and difficulty in carrying out the day to day operations of the business.

You are now aware of the reasons why you absolutely must have a recovery plan in place. Data loss can affect any business and you must be prepared for it, if and when it happens.