Steps to Take If Your Business Has Been Hacked

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You thought it would never happen, not to you. These things only happen to large corporations. Why would a hacker go after a small business? There are surely bigger fishes in the sea to attack, right? Wrong. If the last few sentences describe your thinking about this issue, you are in for a rude awakening.

Hackers are getting smarter every day. More of them are shifting their focus towards small businesses as they believe that these businesses do not have the security infrastructure needed to stop them and more often than not, they are right. Hacking is a very real problem that nobody is immune to.

So, you didn’t have the necessary security infrastructure in place and you got hacked. What can you do now? How do you ensure that the damage caused remains at its minimum? Here are a few steps to take as soon as you know you have been hacked.

Figure Out What Got Hacked

This is important to know the extent of the damage and be able to control it effectively. Check for the IP addresses and locations of where your accounts were accessed from. Getting this information can help devise necessary next steps to help in mitigation.

Change All Passwords

As soon as you learn that you have been hacked, change all your passwords and lock down accounts. This will help in preventing further attacks and will stop the hackers accessing your data with your previous login credentials.

Malware Detection

There is a high possibility of devices in your company being affected by malware. This can happen if any of your employees visit unsecured websites or download infected files from the internet. Scan all your devices for malware or else you could have a major problem on your hands. Training employees about the safe usage of the internet and best practices to keep all devices, owned by the company and private, safe and protected.

Inform All Stakeholders

If sensitive data has been leaked, you must alert the customers immediately so that they can change their passwords and freeze payment methods to stem the impact of the hack.

If it was your social media account that hacked, delete all offensive posts and change all passwords immediately. You must also apologize to your followers and let them know about what happened.

Regaining the trust of your customers after a hack can often be a difficult and long process. You must revamp your security systems and provide information to them about what you are doing to stop such an attack from happening again.

Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again

Getting hacked once is bad enough. It takes time for people to forget and move on, but they do. But getting hacked a second time can be disastrous for any organization. Read about how Equifax was affected by a hack that led to a major information leak.

Taking the necessary steps after a hack is vital to minimize damage and build trust again with stakeholders.

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