Server Virtualization

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Server Virtualization – The Cost Reduction Measure No One Is Talking About

System administrators often need to separate users from one another and the original server. This can often be an expensive and time-consuming task. A more economical and efficient way of doing this is through server virtualization.

Server visualization is the process using a virtualization software to divide the server into several “virtual servers”. This allows each separate “virtual server” to run their own versions of operating systems. This allows one server to be used for various purposes rather than having a dedicated for each task.

Some Key Advantages of Server Virtualization

Cost Effective: Dividing one server into various virtual servers allows you to use one server for various tasks and purposes. This takes away the need for more physical servers which in turn reduces costs!

Fewer Physical Servers: Let’s face it, commercial space almost always comes at a premium. Having fewer physical servers frees up space that can be used for various other purposes.

Reduction in Energy Consumption: Fewer physical servers means lesser energy consumption. This is great to further reduce costs as well be in line with the trend of greener IT planning.

Affordable Web Hosting: Server virtualization allows multiple servers to fit in one computer. That helps service providers provide affordable web hosting services as cost of the servers reduces significantly.

Three Types of Virtualization

Full Virtualization: Uses a software called hypervisor. Based on the host/guest paradigm. Admins can create guests with different operating systems.

Paravirtual Machine (PVM): This is very similar to full virtualization. Also based on host/guest paradigm. Can run multiple OSes.

OS-level: Not based on the host/guest paradigm. OS used must be the same as administrator’s. Problems in one cannot affect the other as partitions are separate from each other.

The growth of server virtualization has been exponential in the past few years. Companies have realized its various benefits, the most important being cost reduction. If you do not use server virtualization, you must definitely give it a shot and help your business function in a more efficient manner!