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Enterprise grade features!

It’s time to VOIP!!   Let Intuos IT VoIP solutions save you money and increase your productivity.

Land lines are the new dinosaurs.

VoIP services are much more cost-efficient and user friendly. Our VoIP solutions come with enterprise grade features.

These SCALABLE solutions offer, instant messaging, click-to-call dialing, video conferencing, group chat, screen sharing, and much more.  What’s the best part?  You just pay for what you use.

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Whether a small office or large, our VoIP solutions are designed to be scaled as your company fluctuates.  There may be time you need extra phones or lines.  No problem – we’ve got you covered.


Enterprise grade features such as conference calling, call routing, follow-me, and much more.  Also, with the option to port over your existing telephone numbers, its easy to switch and start saving.

Phone Options

There is a number of different phone options to choose from.  We have rental plans as well as pay out plans.