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What are Managed Services?

Intuos IT defines managed IT services as a service which is managed by us. Offloading tasks such as remote infrastructure monitoring or server patch management.

In addition to keeping your systems up to date, Intuos IT monitors your computers/network and alerts you when something is wrong – or about to go wrong.

In the old days, systems were checked maybe once a month to make sure everything was functioning properly and  computers/networks were not failing.  Unfortunately, technology was not yet advanced enough to alert when the train was about to “derail”per say.  Thankfully,  in this day and age, we now have the tools that monitor critical functions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This reduces the risk of unplanned downtime and system failure.

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24/7 Proactive Monitoring

At Intuos IT, our  proprietary around the clock monitoring solution allows for a proactive approach to unwanted downtime and expensive outages.  Our proprietary device”PROACTIVA”  monitors your IT assets in real time.  If a problem is detected, our monitoring devices and systems  will alert Intuos IT  allowing us to take the necessary actions in order to  mitigate/stop potential downtime.

Cloud Services

Whether its a sole location server,  a virtual server , or a complex cloud,  we can advise on the best approach that allows you to scale as you require, run more efficiently and strengthen your bottom line.

  • Data backups
  • Email archiving
  • Web apps
  • Servers
  • Web space

Knowing you are protected is our peace of mind

Help Desk

Whether you need remote support or onsite support, our help desk team will be able to assess your situation and get you the help you need when you need it.

With our 24/7 around the clock support option, you can find comfort knowing we are only a phone call away.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage on demand- when you need it.  Our cloud storage tools allows you to sync your data in real-time and with the ability to have versioning control on every document you sync.  We also have the ability to setup team folders so you and your team members are aligned.  A very powerful solution for your  sales force and employees that work remotely.

Virtual Devices

Do you need a virtual  server or workstation?  Virtual devices are an excellent solution  for small offices/businesses that require a server environment but do not have the budget for on-premise hardware.

Virtual devices give you the flexibility to lock down workstations and create policies that give you more control of your data and security.