Our Proprietary Small Business Start Up Solution

Are you a new startup or a new small business?

Congratulations!   Its an exciting time, its an overwhelming time.  Although starting a small business and birthing a startup are two different things, they BOTH require organization, hard work and the right tools to get the job done.

That’s where ConX3 comes in.  Consider ConX3 as your “tool box”. A toolbox that is filled with hand tools and power tools that are necessary for you to build your business with.

ConX3 Benefits

  1. It’s a complete offering that ties your back-end together in a seamless fashion, so you are grand opening ready every day.
  2. It’s our proprietary business solution and brand. Therefore, we can scale it as you grow, we can tweak it when required, and all of it managed by us.  All you need to manage is one low monthly payment.
  3. Just add your people. That’s it! We have the rest covered. Here is what your new shiny tool box has inside:
  • A domain name
  • A website custom tailored to your business
  • Email addresses with unlimited aliases
  • Your choice of toll-free phone and or local number telephone numbers
  • A virtual fax with fax to email and send from email
  • A VoIP service with enterprise grade features
  • A customized Auto-Attendant
  • Voicemail to email
  • A selection of VoIP telephones
  • A subscription to Bitdefender Total Security
  • A subscription to Intuos Secure Sync – cloud based backups
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • and much more!


Monthly Rate

ConX3; Our Intuos “Business-In-A-Box Solution” is perfect for the small business startup and is fully scalable as you grow.

New to the market? If so you need to look professional  right out of the gate. If you look professional, you’ll be perceived as professional.

We at Intuos IT  make it easy for you to get that professional front and back-end  you need from the outset.

Let Intuos IT  assist you in building a lasting first impression. With our highly experienced  team, let us build it, and believe us..they will come.

Out cost effective packages will get you off to a great start, while watching the budget!

No hardware investment needed, all hardware is supplied.

One easy monthly payment is all you have to manage.