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Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization – The Cost Reduction Measure No One Is Talking About System administrators often need to separate users from one another and the original server. This can often be an expensive and time-consuming task. A more economical and efficient way of doing this is through server virtualization. Server visualization is the process using a […]

Safe Online Tax Filing

This may not be the blog you want, but it’s the blog you need. Taxes are an essential society of a well-functioning society. Around the end of every financial year, people get ready for the dreaded process of calculating their taxes. In recent times, due to the advancement of technology, new software and online tools […]

Internet of Things – What Is It?

“Internet of things” is a term we hear a lot. But do we understand what it really means? The internet of things consists of a number of smart devices connected to each other using the internet. These devices could be any smart devices ranging from a remotely controlled thermostat to your television. These devices are […]

Phishing – The Bread and Butter of Scammers

Have you or someone you know ever received an email from a “Nigerian Prince”? I’m sure we’ve all come across these sorts of emails at some point of time or the other. These attacks have continued to grow at alarming rates all around the world. People often end up losing thousands of dollars of their […]

Why You Need a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

I’m sure you’ve heard of disaster management. It outlines what one must do in the event of a disaster and the steps to recover from it. Well, losing your data can pretty much be called a disaster. It often leads to major crisis and even a complete shutdown of a business. If you don’t believe […]

VoIP and its Benefits to a Business

Have you heard of the word VoIP recently? Wondering what it really is? Well, you’ve come to the right place. VoIP, otherwise known as ‘internet telephony’ or ‘voice over IP’, is a way to make calls without the traditional phone line as you know it. The term VoIP stand for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It […]

Steps to Take If Your Business Has Been Hacked

You thought it would never happen, not to you. These things only happen to large corporations. Why would a hacker go after a small business? There are surely bigger fishes in the sea to attack, right? Wrong. If the last few sentences describe your thinking about this issue, you are in for a rude awakening. […]

Public Wi-Fi User? You May Want to Read This

Have you ever used public Wi-Fi? At your nearest Starbucks or a hotel you recently spent a few nights in? Chances are, you have. While Wi-Fi is considered to be one of the greatest technological advancements of our time, it comes with its disadvantages, especially in the case of public Wi-Fi. It is not uncommon […]

Beware of Ransomware

Ransomware is a word that everyone has heard at some point of time in their lives. But do we understand what it really is? Do we know how ransomware can affect our systems and networks? Let’s take a closer look at both these questions. So, what is Ransomware? In simple terms, it’s a type of […]

Why Network Security Is Important for You

The importance of network security seems to be coming to the fore in recent times. We often hear news about systems getting hacked and information being leaked. There is no system that is connected to the internet which can be completely immune from the malice of malware. The targets of hackers and virus spreading vectors […]