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Free 1 hour assessment

Book your free 1 hour security assessment now.

We will review a number of key security components what will ensure the integrity of your business systems.


Managed Services

Intuos IT defines managed services as “a service which is managed by us”.  Off loading tasks such as remote infrastructure monitoring or server patch management.

IT Security

It’s no secret, it’s a scary cyber world out there.  As technology is changing and advancing, is it possible to protect your business and stay safe? The answer is YES!  Lets spend some time together and determine  the best way to protect your business.

IT Consulting

At Intuos IT, we believe that each client is unique.  Based on your  needs, our IT consultants will spend time assessing your needs.  We are licensed and accredited team members with some of the strongest partnerships in the industry.

IT Support

At Intuos IT,  we have a support  team available so that your staff has access to a trained IT support desk during business hours.  We also offer support afterhours and holidays -if your business demands it.  We are your 24 hours  a day support partner.

VoIP and PBX

VoIP( Voice over IP) services are much more cost-efficient than traditional land lines. Our VoIP solutions come with enterprise grade features and is easy to integrate into your existing infrastucture.

``ConX3`` Our Proprietary Small Business Start Up Solution

ConX3; Our Intuos “Business-In-A-Box Solution” is perfect for the small business startup and is fully scalable as you grow.